Affiliate Marketing
We market your business across the entire web

Affiliate Marketing is the latest hot marketing strategy - leveraging a large network of traffic partners, large and small, and only paying commission on successful sales or customer acquisitions.

Pay-Per-Acquisition models
Only pay for actual sales
Large traffic base

Affiliate Marketing has been the hot platform of the last 5 years... but it is not without its pitfalls, scams and gotchas. To wade through the sea of offer formats, networks and placements requires professional leadership and we are well positioned to fill this role with several major partner networks and several years in the Affiliate Marketing business. We will make sure to help you select a campaign and offering that gives you quick and effective return on your marketing dollar.

Extensive Network
We partner with all the major affiliate networks to give you the largest possible traffic base and the most flexible payment options. With access to an estimated 45% of Web eyeballs, many of which could not be reached using normal Search or may not be aware of your product, Affiliate Networks are the way of the future. Affiliates have many creative strategies for marketing your product, such as bundling with other offers, cross-promoting, or using non-traditional traffic sources.

Only Pay For Success
One of the magical aspects of Affiliate Marketing is the PPA (Pay Per Acquisition) model. This means, you will only spend marketing dollars if customers successfully purchase a product or come to your store. We will help you craft an offering which will attract attention and traffic in the Affiliate marketplace and get you started on this excellent traffic source immediately!

Team of Affiliate Experts
Affiliate marketing is not short of its own perils. Traffic and spending can spiral out of control without the right leadership. We have the expertise on which networks are the most reliable and we work with our clients step by step to ensure smooth traffic delivery and marketing spend in accordance with your budget.


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