Search Engine Advertising
Ingenia Search™ gets you leads from local consumers who are ready to buy.

Search Engine Advertising is paid Internet advertising that shows your ad to consumers searching on the Web and mobile devices for your products and services.

Instant, plentiful leads
Traffic from both Web and mobile
Measurable Return on Investment
Search engines are the number one way people find businesses in their area. And, mobile search is on the rise as consumers look for local products and services while on the go. We help you capture those consumers with IngeniaSearch, our search engine advertising service for Web and mobile that brings you more customers. As a Google AdWords™ Partner with nearly hundreds of campaigns run, we know what works. We will manage your campaign with up to thousands of keywords, all tracked for performance and ROI. Combine with our organic SEO services to maximize your Quality Score and give you the highest amount of clicks for your investment. With IngeniaSearch, you get:

Searchers on 98% of the Web
Search engines, local directories, the mobile Web. No matter where your prospects search online, we’ve got you covered in 98% of the places people search. We help you reach local consumers on all the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and directories like and Citysearch – plus hundreds more local and mobile sites and directories. That means more customers can find you.

Original Content Creation
Nothing is more important for search advertising than CONTENT - useful and original content to transform your web site into a web property. Having lots of original, quality content is key: from reducing your cost per click, raising your organic rank, promoting links from other sites to generating traffic in ways you never anticipated. We work with a large assortment of multilingual, professional writers - uniqueness and originality guaranteed, with pricing to fit your budget.

Smart Search Technology
Our search engine advertising technology works around the clock to bring more customers to your business. First, it tracks real conversions from your Web and mobile search ads, like website visits, phone calls, and emails— not just clicks. Then, it learns what drives more conversions to get you better results over time. We call this Conversion Optimization. But what it really means is more leads for your advertising budget.

Certified Campaign Professionals
Your online marketing team is always thinking of ways to get more from your search engine advertising campaign. From a locally based Internet Marketing Consultant to experienced service professionals, our full-service team strives to deliver the results you want.

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Detailed Reports, 24/7
We prove your search engine advertising results to you with easy-to-access online and mobile reports. They’re available 24/7, so you can log in any time to see how your search ads are performing. For instance, you can track the number of calls, emails, and visits you receive and even listen to your recorded phone calls. That way, you always know the value of your online marketing investment.


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