Branding and Naming
Ensuring the strength of your business core

Branding and Naming services will help you to build a strong foundation for your company. Whether creating a new brand or product line or revitalizing an existing one, we have solutions for all your needs.

Strong brand platform
Customer retention
Competitive differentiator

Everything from your logotype to the company mission statement and identity - we will help you tailor the way in which consumers perceive your brand, and combine this with your custom marketing campaign to create brand loyalty and awareness. Our branding and naming experts provide a complete offering, including emotional and rational brand benefits, target audience identification, point-of-difference development and a naming structure for related product lines.

We determine the core foundation behind the brand - the opportunity it presents to potential clients, the positioning and target markets and to whom the brand might appeal, and the overall theme behind bringing the products to market.

Architecture is the layout of the brand offering - determine if the client will use a stand-alone name or family/system of names for related products; target markets and audience segmentation into brand groups, offering media such as internet, traditional print, television, radio, etc .

This is the actual naming process, considering a variety of word roots, associations, word types, literal and intuitive naming, and technical factors such as pronounciation, linguistic meaning, trademark and copyright factors.

Sample Overview

I. Client meeting: overview of the factors considered

II. overview of the timeline and work items

III-A: kickoff meeting
2 hour work session to explore brand identity of client company, determine overall marketing direction, scope of the project, expectations and timeframe

III-B: construct creative brief
this document will outline the following:
- competitive landscape
- domain name criteria
- emotional criteria
- target market

III-C: long list
We will initially create a list of up to 700 potential names and screen these into a short list of 20 names. This is the "creative" part of the process so it is the least defined, but it is where we differenciate ourselves as a premier vendor of top quality branding.

III-D: short list of 20 potential names, along with information about each name:
- word type: dictionary, hybrid, combined
- variety - descriptive, intuitive, associative, abstract or pun
- root origin - English, Spanish, gaelic, archaic greek, asian, etc
- syllable count

III-D: final screening - the 3 final names chosen will undergo the following screening:
- trademark screening - determine which countries this name may already be trademarked in, which depends on target market
- linguistic screening - determine what positive and negative connotations this name has in various target markets and related markets
- domain screening - is the exact desired domain available or a variant acceptable to the client

Team of Naming Experts
Our branding experts have deep experience naming product lines and companies for many small and medium size enterprises. We have developed positioning strategies for a variety of clients in many industry sectors and have the expertise to build a fresh, modern and solid brand structure for your business to grow and flourish.


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